Pre-Employment Screening Swansea

Are you looking for a company who can provide Pre-Employment Screening in Swansea? If so, then look no further. At Infinity Occupational Health, we are available to all of our clients’ needs when it comes to occupational health. When you require medical information on a potential employee, then we are able to provide our specialist Pre-Employment Screenings to ensure there are no pre-existing medical issues. We will provide you with the relevant information of any pre-existing medical issues; which could affect their employment into the company, fitness for work and could require adjustments/adaptations to be made – under the Equality Act 2010. Our main purpose is to act on behalf of businesses to ensure the management and authenticity of their employees all add up. This is why our services range from Pre-Employment Screening to simple health checks.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. We work quickly, and we always aim to be quicker in delivering our results than what other companies would. To support with management decisions, we can offer a wide range of services; including Sickness Management, Fitness for work decisions, Ill-health retirement, Health Surveillance and Appointed Doctor Medicals.

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