Occupational Health Central London

Does your business require occupational health in Central London? For many businesses across the UK, it can be difficult to find a trusted company to collaborate with in terms of occupational health. It’s a necessity to ensure that your staff are happy in their role, as well as safe in terms of their own health. Most jobs do not have any physical stress or risk in the role, but many jobs do – these jobs can be anything from roofing to office based roles. Here at Infinity Occupational Health, we have experienced working with a wide variety of industries across the UK – branching out much further than just London.

We specialise in physician-led occupational health, especially in small and medium businesses in Central London and South Wales. Even though we're available to support you in the survey of your working environment, we offer specialist absence management, sickness absence assessment, fitness for work, health surveillance (hand arm vibration assessments HSE lead and asbestos medicals), ill health retirement assessment and many more corporate health services.

The main emphasis on our services is providing clear and concise occupational health advice for our client. We endeavour to offer the best selection of services to ensure your company's workforce is healthy and safe in their roles. In order to achieve the highest level of service, it's vital to ensure our service is smooth, efficient and effective. To help with this, we always make the work and results known to you quickly – we send reports electronically, which speeds up the process drastically.

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