Hand-arm vibration assessments

Vibration transmitted through tools can cause significant damage to blood vessels and nerves in the hands, and many workers require health surveillance:

  • Those regularly exposed above the exposure action value of 2.5 m/s2
  • Workers exposed occasionally above the exposure action value where a risk assessment identifies the frequency and severity of exposure may pose a risk to health
  • Those workers who have a diagnosis of hand-arm vibration syndrome (even when exposed below the exposure action value)

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommend a tiered approach (tier 1 baseline assessment, tier 2 annual screening questionnaire, tier 3 nurse assessment and tier 4 physician assessment for formal diagnosis)

Infinity Occupational Health specialise in tier 4 HAVS assessments for assessment and diagnosis of hand-arm vibration syndrome and advice to companies and managers regarding employees' fitness for work or whether restrictions in the exposure to vibration are required. These restrictions can in some cases be essential for protecting health and preventing disability, although we hope to support workers in their normal roles wherever possible.

Only qualified occupational health physicians who have undertaken further training are able to carry out clinical assessments for HAVS.

In addition to advising companies regarding a diagnosis of HAVS, we also assess for other musculoskeletal problems or carpal tunnel syndrome which may additionally require a change in exposure to vibration.

We provide contemporaneous reports which take into account advice from the HSE and provide advice regarding risk assessments,, to help companies meet their legal obligations regarding HAVS.

If you require any advice regarding HAVS medicals (hand-arm vibration syndrome medicals) then please contact us

There is further information regarding HAVS on our blog page