Infinity Occupational Health have the ability to undertake asbestos medicals as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, as we are able to provide HSE-appointed Occupational Health Physicians for these assessments.

Our Clinical Director undertakes the asbestos medicals in clinics in Swansea and Llandarcy for both licensed and nonlicensed asbestos work.

Asbestos consists of a number of naturally occurring fibres which have been used in industries such as construction, installation, fire-proofing, boiler fitting/lagging, plumbing and shipbuilding. The fibres can lodge in the small airways of the lungs and can be particularly difficult to clear, causing a local reaction which can subsequently cause illness. This can include benign thickenings of the outer casing of the lung and more significant illness such as thickening of the lung tissue (asbestos), or cancers of the respiratory tract (lung cancer and mesothelioma). Asbestos-related disease typically occurs after a relatively long period, often between 10-40 years. Peak industrial use in the UK occurred in the early 1970s and is likely to remain common for the next 15 years or so.

The current Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations came into effect in 2012, around 10 years after initially created. The purpose was to protect workers and the public from exposure to asbestos. The regulations consist of 3 Approved Codes of Practice which cover most work with asbestos in the United Kingdom.

The regulations state levels of asbestos within the air over a 10 minute period and 4 hours and also with continuous monitoring over a 12-week period. For those undertaking work with asbestos, the regulations state that medical surveillance is necessary. This must be with an Appointed Doctor under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who is also trained and qualified in occupational medicine. The asbestos medical consists of a respiratory questionnaire and history, examination of the respiratory and lung function testing. If there is any suspicion of asbestos related disease then a chest x-ray may be needed and also in addition consideration of referral to a chest specialist.

Asbestos medicals

Infinity Occupational Health can arrange asbestos medicals, and enable employers to meet their statutory duties, whilst at the same time protecting the health and safety of workers who are exposed to asbestos. We accept occupational health referrals around South Wales for asbestos medicals, predominantly undertaking these in Swansea and Llandarcy

Please get in touch if you have any questions about asbestos medicals, or we can be of any help or assistance further with any enquiry or occupational health referral.