What services do you provide?

We are an occupational health provider, and specialise in work which requires the input of an Occupational Physician, including sickness absence and fitness for work assessments, ill-health retirement assessments, asbestos and lead medicals, and tier 4 hand arm vibration syndrome assessments. These assessments usually take place after a referral from a company (for example management or Human Resources).

How do we refer?

We have our own referral form which is easy to complete and provides information for our clinicians to be able to undertake assessments more easily. All you need to do is send us an email or phone and we would be delighted to send you a form. You can see an example of the referral form (which could be downloaded in PDF format) on the website here

Where do you cover?

Our head office is based in Swansea, South Wales and we work extensively around the South Wales area. Our main clinic locations for are in Cardiff and Swansea although we are able to provide occupational health assessments across the whole of South Wales with our core team.

We are now delighted to cover the whole of London and are also able to offer ad hoc occupational health assessments and appointments across the UK including large cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol.

We have modern and accessible premises with helpful reception staff with disabled access where needed.

We have the ability to provide network Occupational Health Physicians on a nationwide basis for ad hoc referrals following a management referral.

What happens following a referral?

All referrals are triaged by one of our senior Occupational Health Physicians (usually our Clinical Director) and an appointment is subsequently arranged which is as close to, and is suitable for the employee. Certain cases may be suitable for a telephone assessment and this allows us to provide a rapid occupational health assessment and report.

Does the employee have access to the referral letter?

It is particularly important to fully discuss any referral with the employees concerned. It is recognised occupational health practice for the clinician to outline the reason for the appointment request, and of course this has the potential to cause some bad feeling, and reduces the outcome of the assessment in most cases.

Is the OH assessment independent?

An occupational health assessment and report will almost invariably follow a referral from a company, but occupational health should be completely independent and we are proud to provide what we hope is a completely independent opinion in all occupational health cases.

What happens following recommendations in the report?

Any suggestions regarding management in the report are just that. We hope to provide high quality, evidence-based advice, but it is up to management to decide whether suggestive adjustments are feasible in an operational context, taking into account any medical information provided in occupational health reports as part of this decision.

Does the doctor have access to medical records?

Any Occupational Health Physician will only be able to access what is provided to them at the referral stage. If a report from a GP or consultant is felt to be necessary this would be suggested in the report and the company can decide whether they would be happy to fund the report requested. In most occupational health cases, a further report is not required however.

Will an assessment give us a diagnosis?

An occupational health assessment is to advise management of the general situation and should not provide unnecessary clinical information. Whilst we do not diagnose disease we can give an opinion on what might be a likely problem and if necessary we could liaise with physicians if this would advance the care of the individual patient. Bear in mind that many medical conditions take a significant amount of time to diagnose over a period of weeks and months, and a single consultation would in the circumstances be unlikely to lead to any additional diagnosis.

What happens if the employee does not want to be referred or declines the assessment?

An employee has the choice not to attend or take part in any occupational health process. If this is the case however then management and the company would be able to manage the situation without the benefit of medical advice.

We would recommend that any company tries to encourage employees to attend, and it is important to explain the purpose of the consultation at the time of referral.